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Specialized Approach

As part of the special needs community, you know the value of specialized care. General practitioners are great, but specialists address unique needs.

This approach applies to financial management too. Special needs families face unique financial challenges that basic planning can't address.

At JCG, we specialize in planning for special needs families. Our personal and professional experience sets us apart, providing the expertise you need.

Special Needs Planning

"A process to assure an adult with a physical, cognitive, or mental impairment a place in the community appropriate to his or her needs, capabilities, financial resources, and wishes for the nature and quality of their own life."

Families with Special Needs

Focused Dedication

Trust takes time to build but can be lost in a moment. We understand the difficulty of entrusting your loved one's future to a stranger. That's why we've dedicated significant resources to our Special Needs Planning practice, ensuring you're in good hands.

Our partners are highly qualified: both are Certified Financial Planners (CFP). Brian Cotroneo is also a Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC), and Matt Johnson is an Accredited Estate Planner (AEP). They have spoken at notable venues like the Florida Family Cafe in 2023.

At JCG, Special Needs Planning is our core focus. We untangle complex situations to provide clarity and guidance, dedicated to offering the highest quality service to our special needs families.

Innovative Solutions

We don't believe in "off the shelf" solutions, especially for special needs families. Forecasting future needs and balancing them with resources like government assistance is too complex for standard financial planning software.

We build our own tools instead. Through in-depth interviews, we thoroughly understand your financial situation. We conduct first-party research to gather accurate data from vendors and service providers. When assumptions are necessary, we draw on decades of risk management experience.

The result is a unique, customized life plan tailored to your or your loved one's desired quality of life.

Understanding Partners

One of the hardest parts of Special Needs Planning isn't the numbers; it's the unspoken expectations of the individual and their family.

Special needs individuals worry about losing benefits if they work, parents feel they can't retire, and siblings feel obligated to be caregivers despite their own families.

We don't have all the answers, but we have seen how proper planning can lift a weight off caregivers' shoulders. For legal or tax issues, we refer to trusted colleagues.

While we can't solve every problem, we understand them—and sometimes that's enough.

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