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Retirement Plan Administration

Owning your own business has traditionally meant foregoing a formal retirement plan.  Not at JCG.  We analyze your specific circumstances - age, number and tenure of employees, current and future profit potential - to determine the optimal plan for you, your family, and your staff.

Going it Alone

For most small business owners, the largest and most important asset is your business.  We have a unique perspective as professionals who have valued closely held businesses, established retirement programs, and built viable succession plans.  That's why we offer strategies designed to protect, grow, and eventually maximize the value of your business for sale or transfer.

Small Business Owners

Business Valuation

The two most important days for your business are the day you buy it and the day you sell it.  The most critical aspect?  The price.  Assigning a value to a business is a complex endeavor that involves multiple disciplines and years of practice.  At JCG we possess that ability in house, and can provide valuation services to clients at no additional cost.

Assess Resources

Should you buy a building or rent space?  Is it better to purchase or lease equipment?  How much can you afford to pay in bonuses this year?  You know your business better than anyone, but sometimes a second set of eyes goes a long way.  Let us handle the number crunching on big issues and provide the support you need to handle the details.

Succession Planning

For most SBOs, giving up responsibility for their life's work is difficult to comprehend.  Whether through sale to an operator, private equity buyout, or transitioning ownership to a family member, there are numerous factors that must be considered.  Let us worry about the details so you can spend time optimizing your business. 

Continuity Planning

No one wants to think about the unthinkable, but unfortunate things do happen and it pays to be prepared.  Whether for you or your partners, having a plan in place to handle the fallout of an owner passing prematurely is essential to the long-term viability of any business.

Credit Lines & Borrowing

Cash and credit are the life-blood of any small business - without them you cannot survive.  That's why we offer a variety of funding resources if SBOs require them, everything from commercial mortgages to securities lending.  We can also provide analysis for outside sources of capital such as equity infusions from new partners.

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